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Latest Version: 2.0.0

This is a Mac OS X package for SpliX, a set of CUPS Printer drivers for SPL (Samsung Printer Language) printers. If you have a such printer, you need to download and use SpliX.

Note: Pat mentioned an alternate driver on this comment which may help some of you having trouble with SpliX

Available Downloads

This is an Universal package, but all my development occurs on Snow Leopard/Intel and I haven’t tested this package neither on Leopard/Tiger or PPC systems. Anyway, it *should* work – feel free to contact me if you have any issues.

Supported Printers

265 Comentários »

Arto Kutvonen

Thank you Guigo!

I was already looking into buying a new laser printer, but since I found the link to your page on Brian Tanner’s page (http://brian.tannerpages.com/content/view/55/69/) I don’t need to. I even got the ML-1610 working through a wireless print server box. That I couldn’t do by any other means. You saved my printer!

abril 5, 2008@ 7:31 pm

James Dutton

thanks very much…have just changed over to an iMac from a PC after many years, and was rather confused that my ML-1610 didn’t work even though the computer recognised it and named it correctly…downloaded your driver and using the ML-1510 choice it works again! Cheer!

abril 19, 2008@ 5:01 am

Peter Hindle

Thank you very much. My ML-1610 is now working perfectly on my Intel MBP.

maio 5, 2008@ 2:22 pm

dave Green

Bill of materials missing – wont install 10.3.9

maio 29, 2008@ 2:42 pm

D Watt

Absolutely brilliant and hassle free – works a treat – thanks a alot

maio 30, 2008@ 8:11 pm

Mark V.

Thanks for working to provide these drivers.

After spending several hours trying to install my old ML1740 upon upgrading to Leopard, I found this site and had the printer running within minutes.

junho 4, 2008@ 4:07 am


Thank you so much for sharing this work!!!

On my machine (Intel Core 2 Duo 2.16GHz iMac under 10.5.3) — I get only 1 page out no matter how many copies I specify… maybe that’s just me…?

In any case, thank you VERY much!!!

junho 5, 2008@ 4:58 pm


Nevermind — quantities work fine — I just had to repair permissions on Preview… they had been fouled up by moving to Leopard.


junho 5, 2008@ 5:06 pm


Funciono perfecto!!

macbook pro

junho 5, 2008@ 5:52 pm


Hooray! After days of fighting with my new mac, trying to get it to recognize my good old ml 1610, your download worked absolutely perfectly. Thank you so much!



junho 13, 2008@ 5:01 pm


Thank you. It helped to solve my problem: Time Capsule dropping connection to Samsung ML-1630 and needing restarting to print one single page…

junho 15, 2008@ 9:45 am


My ML-1610 (routed thru an Airport Express) is working beautifully on my MBP running 10.5.4. Thank-you!

julho 1, 2008@ 6:09 pm


Thank you so much for this, my Samsung now works perfectly!

julho 16, 2008@ 3:04 pm


Thank you Guigo, my old ML 1610 printer finally works !!!


julho 24, 2008@ 8:23 am

ric ede

i have installed Splix on my macbookpro 2.4ghz. my printer xerox 3117 works fine now when plugged into laptop but when i try to use it wirelessly through Airport Express – it say the printer is offline.
( i also have exterior speakers through A/Express and they work fine so not an A/Ex problem). do you have any suggestions that could help me make this work please

agosto 3, 2008@ 8:30 am

guy lambinon

Does not work for me ! Printer ML1630 – ibook G4 10.4.11

Differents messages:
The process “mdns” stopped unexpectedly with status 1

PrinterProxy[676]: [FC] Will not load into com.apple.print.PrinterProxy as the hard coded exclude list says no.

I try too with others drivers like ML-1510 – with no more success…

agosto 12, 2008@ 4:27 pm


Hey Guigo,

I have 2 PPC systems running leopard and neither will work (PB G4 & PM G5). I have an ML-1750 and all it will do is print blank pages.

Any one have any Ideas?

setembro 1, 2008@ 12:43 pm


hi there guigo, i downloaded the splix.pkg..it went to my macintose HD…i have just switched from using the PC to Mac…, i can;t seem to find the location of where it was downloaded…and getting my samsung ML 1610 to work, please help!

setembro 4, 2008@ 3:49 pm


it worked! it worked! I tried adding a new driver from the list of the preinstalled drivers…couldn’t find ML 1610…but suddenly it appeared..and it printed!!!
yay! thanks a bunch!!!

setembro 4, 2008@ 4:07 pm


I downloaded the driver – I actually have an ML-1430 but this should work with 1630. My computer does not recognize my printer. How do I move forward now that I downloaded this?


setembro 24, 2008@ 1:00 pm

joey inocencio

I am almost hopeless after my laptop to which i connected my Samsung ML-1610 printer crashed. I have a new Mac with Leopard which I initially thought wouldn’t accomodate the printer. then I saw this site, downloaded the program and…Presto! It works! Thanks to the genius of Guigo.

From the Philippines…Cheers!


outubro 8, 2008@ 8:53 am


With your universal package, my little-old-loved ML-1610 works again (on Macbook pro, Leopard)… thank you very much :-)

outubro 8, 2008@ 10:21 am

Celso Costa

Thank you very much!!! Xerox Phaser 3121 works perfectly on my iMac.

outubro 10, 2008@ 5:45 pm


Thanks so much

outubro 24, 2008@ 8:19 am

ProjectDaenney.org :: Apple :: Mac OS X 10.5: Samsung ML-1610 Part Two

[...] SpliX for Mac OS can be found here: http://www.guigo.us/mac/splix/ [...]

outubro 30, 2008@ 8:57 am



You posted in the comments on my site once about your SpliX package. I got a new Mac a few days ago and gave yours a spin and did a little followup, works flawlessly. Thank you very much.

outubro 30, 2008@ 9:00 am


I downloaded the driver for my ml 1740 and Mac OS 10.4.11 … still does not work. The red light on printer: On Line/Error will not go off. Can get printer to recognize the computer or vice versa. What can I do next? Thanks.

novembro 6, 2008@ 8:33 pm


I deleted old drivers and cleared out Library. Rebooted Mac. Installed new driver and still does not work.

novembro 6, 2008@ 8:34 pm


It’s working. Downloaded another driver and it’s working fine now. Thanks.

novembro 6, 2008@ 8:57 pm


Works well, ML1610 with Airport Express.
Occasionally the Airport will drop the printer (without logging anything), but a power cycle of the airport fixed it – could be the USB cable or printer.

novembro 8, 2008@ 7:02 am


This driver works perfect. Thanx from Poland :)
Mac os X Leopard, Apple iMac
Xerox Phaser 3117

novembro 14, 2008@ 12:32 pm


Thank you! :)

novembro 26, 2008@ 8:25 am


Brilliant! A BIG thankyou :)

dezembro 6, 2008@ 11:09 am

Duncan Abrey


Am having difficulty getting my Xerox Phaser 3116 to print using your driver with Mac OS 10.5.
The printer recognizes the driver but always prints a blank page. Printer works fine onit’s test page.
Please can you help … you say i need version 1.1.1 but the download you provide is for 1.1.0


dezembro 8, 2008@ 8:35 pm

Oscar Gerardo

thanks from Honduras
you save my problems, you are a bless!

dezembro 9, 2008@ 10:22 am

John Murray


I have tried Splix on my OS 10.4.11 for PPC. The system recognized the printer and named it correctly upon connection. I have the Samsung ML-1610. Decent little printer for the money.

Can’t get anything to printer from TextEdit or Acrobat. I get the message “The process “rastertospl2″ terminated unexpectedly on signal 10″.

I tried installing the 1510 and 1710 drivers as others have tried with success, but not working for me. Maybe because it is a PPC?

Any suggestions would be very appreciated.


dezembro 25, 2008@ 12:56 pm


Does not work with Xerox Phaser 3117, PPC, through AirPort Express
Print messages:

Printing ‘Untitled’.
Attempting to connect to host AirPort.local. on port 10000
Unable to connect to printer; will retry in 30 seconds…

janeiro 12, 2009@ 5:32 pm

Yaron Ofek

thank you so much!!!!
I just bought a macbook and it didn’t even occur to me that my xerox 3121 wouldn’t have a driver from xerox…

I started to think that now I have to buy a new printer :-)

But then I found your website! I downloaded the driver, and it works perfectly!!
Tnx again,

janeiro 13, 2009@ 5:31 am

SpliX Mac OS X, Driver for Samsung ML1610, Xerox and Dell Printers | hilpers

[...] Dell Printers Cercavo di far funzionare la Samsung CLP300 con Leopard. Ho trovato questo link: http://www.guigo.us/mac/splix/ ma non ho capito bene cosa fare. basta installare [...]

janeiro 18, 2009@ 10:10 am


Thanks. works well with xerox 3122

janeiro 20, 2009@ 2:43 am

Bret D

Using a Samsung ML-1710 on Mac G4 PPC running Tiger 10.4.11.

Downloaded the Slpix package and installed it. The printer is now recognized, but it will not print. Everything looks like it should work. Printer Utility shows jobs being sent to the printer, but the printer doesn’t respond.

janeiro 22, 2009@ 3:22 am


Bill of Materials not found… Installer is not running.. Help!

fevereiro 1, 2009@ 11:41 am


Downloaded it, installed it and up and running after 1 minute using my Samsung ML-1610 through a Belkin F1UP0001 printer driver.

fevereiro 1, 2009@ 8:00 pm


Muito obrigado!! Funciona perfecto! con mi Xerox Phaser 3117!

fevereiro 5, 2009@ 9:51 pm

Robert Stefaniuk

Hi, Version 2.0 of this drivers has just been released.
You may update this package to bring even more joy into Mac community.


fevereiro 6, 2009@ 9:50 am


anduvo de maravilha

obrigado mr guigo!!!

março 4, 2009@ 2:22 pm


hi i have been looking for a dell driver for the 1110 series for a mac book pro but couldn’t find so i gave up. today (3-09-09) i found this website and i downloaded it and now i can print .

thanks so much

março 9, 2009@ 10:10 pm


Thank you, you saved my printer.

março 10, 2009@ 5:44 am


xerox phaser 3117 (shared)—-[usb]—–windows pc—-[lan]—-ROUTER ))))) wifi ((((( macbook&osx 10.5

everything working fine!!! many thanx bro’

março 12, 2009@ 3:33 pm


Thanks! Muchos gracias! :-) It worked :-)

março 29, 2009@ 1:12 pm


Wery thanks from Siberia! Спасибо!

abril 1, 2009@ 11:21 pm


driver installed fine (dell 1110), but every print job comes out blank.
I’ve tried Samsung ML-1510, 1610 drivers for the Dell 1110. Same bahevior.
Any suggestions?

G5 iMac, running 10.5.6

abril 4, 2009@ 1:36 pm

Fred Bakker

Muito obrigado !!!!
Thank you very much !!
It is working !!

abril 18, 2009@ 12:11 am


It worked!!! Finally I’m able to print from my boyfriends Xerox Phaser 3121, using my MacBook OSX 10.5.6! excellent! Thank you, you genius!

maio 13, 2009@ 8:30 am


Thanks a lot for this – it worked perfectly on my MacBook Pro, 2.6GHz Intel Core 2 Duo, OS X version 10.5.6 – all fine, and OK with multiple copies or printing single pages from a range.

PS: It took me a while to realise that it doesn’t actually install a program or utility on your Mac. It simply adds the drivers to the printer list, so when you go to System Preferences, Print & Fax, add the printer by name and then the drive will appear on that list.


maio 14, 2009@ 6:02 am


Davide from Rome: “Perfect!!! you are my hero!!!!!” thanks!!!!!!!

maio 18, 2009@ 2:12 pm


This is an excellent package. My MacBook (system 10.5) works with ML-1610 perfectly after downloading and installing this package. Thanks!

maio 22, 2009@ 1:05 pm


Hi Guigo

These drivers work very well on my Intel Mac but on my PPC G4 they print blank pages!

Do you have the original source? I could try compiling them on the G4 and see if they work that way, then send you back the compiled binaries.

Best regards,


maio 27, 2009@ 8:18 am

Brian Tanner

Hey Guigo. Brian Tanner here. I recently did some system updates on my iMac and my printer disappeared!

So, I came to your webpage and downloaded your driver and life is good again. I’ll keep sending people your way when they find my web page :)

maio 28, 2009@ 7:02 pm


Thank you for creating Splix! It makes my Dell 1110 laser printer work with Mac OS X 10.5.7.

maio 28, 2009@ 9:24 pm


It dont work with the phaser 3117 on PPC Tiger =(

junho 3, 2009@ 6:56 am


You, sir, are the man.

After 10+ hours fighting with various attempts at getting our Samsung ML-1740 working with a Macbook (OS X 10.5.7) I downloaded this and printed within a minute.

junho 18, 2009@ 11:06 pm

Joel Rodrigue

Allways smart people is needed

junho 23, 2009@ 1:51 pm


A huge word of T H A N K Y O U!
Googled the samsung ML-1610 driver under Mac, directed to this page, downloaded and installed the driver, and the machine works like charm.
thank you very much!

julho 2, 2009@ 2:50 am


Hey, YOU ROCK!!!
Thanks, time ago, I installed the printer with other procedure and was much much harder…



julho 2, 2009@ 4:46 pm


Mil Gracias!!!… funciono sin problema.
Impresora: Samsung ML-1610
iMac, Mac OS X 10.5.7

julho 5, 2009@ 3:45 pm


gracias mucho!functionò perfecto
precioso trabaho

imac ibookg4 y otras vejos macs

julho 9, 2009@ 11:07 am


this also works with 10.6 and airport express

julho 22, 2009@ 3:43 pm

Alejandro Echeverria

Hi, Thanks a lot for this!! was like crazy looking for Phaser 3120 to work on my mac

Thanks again!!

agosto 16, 2009@ 11:31 pm


Hi, it did not work for my xerox phaser 3116, my computer recognizes it, but it does not print. It appears. operation could be not completed, client – error – not posible, any one has a clue what the problem might be?

agosto 21, 2009@ 2:34 am


Are you able to update this package? SpliX Version 2.0.0 has been released, but I do not know how to install it in OS X:


Any help would be greatly appreciated!

agosto 24, 2009@ 5:31 pm


Hi, I see here that Version 2.0 was released but I can’t find the download link. I would to try it because samsung driver for CLP 510 doesn’t work under snow leopard

agosto 29, 2009@ 4:54 am


This is the definition of a livesaver, thanks!!

agosto 30, 2009@ 10:31 pm


It woks with Snow Leopard.
Great Works !!!!!

setembro 1, 2009@ 6:29 pm


Mac told me it wouldn’t work, Samsung told me it wouldn’t work- then I found your website… it WORKS!


setembro 2, 2009@ 4:06 am


hey, could you prepare a mac os x package also for splix 2.0?

that would be a great help

setembro 3, 2009@ 9:30 am


Génial Bravo. Merci j’etais pret à dire à une personne qui m’a demander de l’aide que je ne trouvais pas le pilote sur le net ;-) Merci

setembro 5, 2009@ 5:02 pm


Thank you sooooo much!!!

setembro 5, 2009@ 7:57 pm


Huge thnx =)
Samsung ml 1610, leopard 10.5.8 – works in 1 minute =)

setembro 13, 2009@ 12:16 pm


Thanks A Lot!!!!!

setembro 13, 2009@ 6:36 pm


Arto- You have given all us os10.6 users a gift!!!
Thanks to you my Snow Leopard & ML_1750 work!


setembro 16, 2009@ 10:35 am


This is perfect! :)

setembro 18, 2009@ 6:02 am


Downloaded the driver and voila the printer(Samsung ML1610) appears as an option for printing in the printeroptions. Everything seems just fine except when I try to print nothing happens?

setembro 23, 2009@ 9:00 am

Samuel Pantoja

Man, your program is a lifesaver! Thanks a heap!!!

setembro 30, 2009@ 6:41 pm


prints blank pages on my PPC mini running 10.5 to a CLP-500.

however, prints perfectly on my macbook pro running 10.6.

any suggestions?

outubro 24, 2009@ 10:28 pm


Nice work guys, thanks! Works perfectly with my Xerox Phaser 3117.

outubro 28, 2009@ 5:59 am


works like a charm on my xerox phaser 3116 + Leopard 10.5.8

Great works!! thanks mate!

novembro 1, 2009@ 8:40 am


thanks – it worked on my brand new snow leopard MB Pro.

novembro 2, 2009@ 6:41 pm


Many thanks for the ML-1610 driver. Others have confirmed that it works with MacLeopard (OS 10.5), and I can say that it also works with Snow Leopard (10.6).

novembro 6, 2009@ 8:37 pm


Getting this error:
“The process “rastertospl2″ terminated unexpectedly on signal 10″

Your driver worked for me with version 1.1.0. Printer is a Samsung ML-2010R

novembro 7, 2009@ 6:16 am


Guigo, I am new to OSX and thanks to your excellent work I am still able to use my Samsung ML-1520. Thank you!

novembro 11, 2009@ 8:22 pm


I’ll put a 2.0 package up as soon as possible! Thanks!

novembro 13, 2009@ 3:59 pm


I’ll put a 2.0 version up next weekend, thanks.

novembro 13, 2009@ 4:00 pm


Working on the 2.0 package, it will be up next weekend, thanks!

novembro 13, 2009@ 4:01 pm


The original source code can be found at http://splix.ap2c.org

novembro 13, 2009@ 4:04 pm


My driver doesn’t support 10.3, sorry.

novembro 13, 2009@ 4:10 pm


Thanx, works excellent.

novembro 16, 2009@ 3:39 pm


Thanks four your help, this drives is fantastic

novembro 16, 2009@ 3:48 pm


Great news. I had some serious problems with the latest version from here, but I’ll just wait for the 2.0 release then.

novembro 19, 2009@ 8:57 am

Deepak Budhraja

Thanks Works wonderfully with snow leopard, saved me from buying a printer.

novembro 21, 2009@ 8:07 am

Install Printer Driver for Xerox Phaser 3116 in Leopard « My Non Volatile Memory

[...] Install Printer Driver for Xerox Phaser 3116 in Leopard By attaka76 I have a cheap Laser monochrome printer from xerox, Phaser 3116. Unfortunately, xerox didn’t provide official driver for Leopard. So after googling for a while, I finally landed to http://www.guigo.us/mac/splix/. [...]

novembro 22, 2009@ 12:56 am


Great! works on snow leopard 10.6.2 with airport express.

novembro 22, 2009@ 7:22 am


thanks for taking your time to update to 2.0. looking forward to it.

novembro 24, 2009@ 3:53 am


thanks for the update. works fine with a Samsung ML-2151N

novembro 27, 2009@ 7:16 am


Many thanks. I couldn’t get Splix 2.0 to work but 1.1 worked straight away. I’m running Leopard 10.5.8 with a Samsung ML1610

novembro 28, 2009@ 3:51 pm


Thank you very much. I now have version 2.0 driver working on my 10.6 Macbook printing remotely via Airport and my Bubba server to a Samsung ML-1610. Wireless printing excellent.

novembro 29, 2009@ 8:29 am


With the new 2.0 version I get:
“The process “rastertoqpdl” terminated unexpectedly on signal 5″

Printer: Samsung ML-2010
Mac OS X: 10.4.11, Intel

novembro 29, 2009@ 2:58 pm


Guido, you are a genius! Thanks a lot! I had my Xerox Phaser 3117 running under Mac OS X Leopard 10.5.8, but all pages printed with a -4cm margin. Installing Splix 1.1.1 fixed the problem. If anyone has a problem with margin, try this!!!

dezembro 3, 2009@ 4:34 pm


Thanks, it works super !
Under macosx 10.5.8. and a Dell 1100 laserprinter works perfect with the Splix-1.1.1 driver.

dezembro 6, 2009@ 2:09 pm

Gianni Enne

Thanks, worked out fine for the Samsung ML-1610 on Snow Leopard

dezembro 6, 2009@ 6:36 pm

Federico Fernández

After hours of trying, I can print with my Xerox Phaser 3117 via my Airport Express.. The solution was using the SpliX v. 1.1.

Macbook 2.16 Ghz Intel Core 2 Duo
Mac OS X 10.5.8
Airport Express
Xerox Phaser 3117.

dezembro 8, 2009@ 6:17 pm


Thank you very much for your drivers! In the end I got my ML-1610 working with Snow Leopard 10.6.2 and my Airport Extreme. Unbelievable. I was close to throwing Snow Leopard away. Installation and configuration no problem.

dezembro 10, 2009@ 5:25 pm


just found a problem with 2.0.

I cannot print from VMWare Fusion. The error reported is that SpliX cannot get the information regarding the page size.

works fine with 1.1.1

printer is a samsung ML-2151N

dezembro 14, 2009@ 4:46 am




dezembro 18, 2009@ 4:10 am

Samsung ML-1610 bajo OSX Snow Leopard « RadaWorks Homepage

[...] un rato por Google, me topé con Splix 2.0, un conjunto de drivers CUPS para SPL (Samsung Printer Language).  Luego de ejecutar el package, [...]

dezembro 23, 2009@ 3:10 pm


Thank you! It works with my SAMSUNG ML-1610.

dezembro 25, 2009@ 8:19 am


Thanks! Works great on ML-1520 with Snow Leopard 10.6.2

dezembro 26, 2009@ 1:44 pm


Thanks man! It works perfectly!

dezembro 30, 2009@ 5:01 pm



My Xerox Phaser 3120 works on Mac OS perfectly with 1.1.1 !!!!!

janeiro 15, 2010@ 11:04 am

Diren Yardimli

You are my hero of the day. Works fluently with my Phaser 3120 on a MacBook Pro, Snow Leopard.

janeiro 17, 2010@ 8:33 am


Thanks! Works great on MacOS 10.6 Snow Leopard with my Samsung ML-1520!

janeiro 17, 2010@ 2:37 pm


Many, many thanks!

Many drivers tried, none worked, only this !!!!!

janeiro 19, 2010@ 11:35 am


Thanks. Once I made sure that I uninstalled my old ML-3050 software from the Samsung/Printers/Library folder and also deleted the old ML-3050 from the Printer&Fax/System Preferences, your version 2.0.0 worked just fine. Thanks again.

janeiro 24, 2010@ 2:16 am


Printer Samsung ML1610;
Mac OS X 10.6.2;

janeiro 24, 2010@ 4:20 pm


Thanks for this driver man. I just borrowed this Samsung printer off of a windoze friend, and I wasn’t expecting any kind of trouble.
I am amazed that Samsung fails to provide drivers for OSX.
Anyway, this was my first driver installation experience on Mac, the first ever time I installed an unofficial driver, and it was smooth and painless and works perfek with my iMac.
Thanks again.

fevereiro 1, 2010@ 5:43 am


Funktioniert super mit Samsung ML-1610. Danke.

fevereiro 2, 2010@ 5:17 am


Thank you very much! Finally I can print with my Samsung 1610, even through a wifi configuration!

fevereiro 6, 2010@ 8:27 am


Just upgraded to Snow Leopard and found that I can’t use my Samsung ML-1510. Came across your site, downloaded Splix and I’m up and running again – superb!
Many thanks for taking the time to provide this package.

fevereiro 15, 2010@ 3:43 pm


Thanks a lot! recently upgraded from a IBM laptop to an iMAC (Snow Leopard) – and the only thing that did not work was my old printer. Thanks to you, it works now – very easy installation. Thanks again. Eleonore

fevereiro 23, 2010@ 3:54 pm


Tack så mycket, fungerade perfekt!

fevereiro 27, 2010@ 4:34 pm

Como Instalar Impressora Samsung no Mac | Conte Aqui

[...] velho Google encontrei uma solução para instalar a impressora no Samsung ML-1610 no Mac, aliás o Splix permite instalar impressoras Samsung, Xerox e Dell que utilizam linguagem [...]

fevereiro 28, 2010@ 6:40 am


Fantastic. Splix is a great tool. I have just made a post about it at


fevereiro 28, 2010@ 6:50 am


Wow, I have been trying to fix my ML-1740 printer for the last 3 months…. you saved a college student a ton of money…. thank you

março 13, 2010@ 11:55 pm


Thank you. Work on my Xerox Phaser 3115.

março 18, 2010@ 4:10 am



I use Mac OS 10.5.8. 2.0 didn’t work. 1.1.1 Works very well. Thanks a ton.

abril 3, 2010@ 4:51 am


THANK YOU. It’s incredible that Mac haven’t given support for these printer yet! I mean my ML1610 is stone age! Thank you!

OSx Snow

abril 4, 2010@ 11:45 am


Just got a new imac – ML 1610 wouldn’t work – does now!!!!

Thanx a lot Guigo

abril 11, 2010@ 1:45 pm

mystical's me2DAY

mst의 생각…

Snow Leopard OSx에서 윈도우에 공유 된 S사 ML-1610 프린트 쓸려면…? [1]프린트드라이버설치하고, [2] 네트워크설정하기…

abril 12, 2010@ 11:35 am


I LOVE YOU!!!!!! =)

abril 20, 2010@ 5:00 am


Thank you so much!!!!

abril 23, 2010@ 10:01 pm


thank you so much:
Samsung ML-1610 Series works with imac!

abril 24, 2010@ 10:37 am


Thank you very much!printer is phaser 3117

maio 4, 2010@ 2:52 am


Thanks! WOrks like a charm with my 1610.

maio 13, 2010@ 1:30 am



maio 24, 2010@ 2:05 am


Hey there,

Thanks for your help, your drive works perfectly! Thought I would have to buy a new printer after changing from PC to Mac but works like a charm. So easy!

Thanks again!

junho 11, 2010@ 4:35 am


Samsung’s Hotline couldn’t help, but a friend (and Apple expert) sent me the link to SpliX.
Our ML-1610 worked at once.
Greatful greets from Germany.

junho 26, 2010@ 2:02 pm


Cela fonctionne parfaitement avec ma Samsung ML 1610

Merci beaucoup !!!

junho 30, 2010@ 3:19 am


Thanx SOO much, i was searching drivers for my mac and this really works great with xerox 3122. Thank you again.

julho 15, 2010@ 8:32 am


Muchas gracias!!! si me sirvió!!! bravo!!! felicidades!!!

julho 16, 2010@ 2:38 pm


Eres un genio
Sigue igual

julho 17, 2010@ 2:03 am


thank you. you saved my printer Samsung 1610.
good luck and bravo

julho 18, 2010@ 9:24 am


A divine intervention! Thanks a lot! It works just fine!

agosto 4, 2010@ 10:22 am


Muchas gracias.
Te agradezco la información.

agosto 11, 2010@ 1:54 am

Murat D.

Thanks, dude. You are a lifesaver…

agosto 11, 2010@ 5:54 pm


clean,simple and functional that’s splix driver, thanks.

agosto 13, 2010@ 9:06 pm


Thanks Guigo, worked great!

agosto 15, 2010@ 7:34 pm


Excellent driver – I was just about to dump my 1610 and now all solved.

Thank you !!

setembro 7, 2010@ 8:36 am


muchas gracias me salvaste la vida saludos ML-1610 de samsung trabajando al 100

setembro 9, 2010@ 3:56 pm

gert ermers

Bedankt mijn printer werkt nu prima op mijn imac.

gert ermers ( netherlands )

outubro 8, 2010@ 3:45 pm

Xerox Phaser 3117 drivers for Mac OS X

[...] via Mac’s interface. Even though there’s a special drivers build for this printer Splix, that was not working properly.So you need to install 3 packages and select installed driver for [...]

outubro 10, 2010@ 6:32 pm


Thank you Guico.us / Splix !!! my Samsung ML1610 is working at my Imac computer…love you!!! From Arnold-Philippines

outubro 19, 2010@ 6:53 pm

It Just Works?

[...] and uninstalling and reinstalling and resetting the print system, etc … I stumbled upon SpliX .. a set of CUPS Printer drivers for SPL (Samsung Printer Language) printers. If you have a such [...]

novembro 6, 2010@ 1:52 pm


I would like to thank Guico.us for Splix.

My Samsung ML 1610 works fine under Mac OS 10.6.5

novembro 16, 2010@ 1:18 pm


Thanks very much. Great|||||

novembro 21, 2010@ 4:07 am


Спасибо!!! Xerox 3117 наконец работает как нужно!!!

novembro 30, 2010@ 9:27 am



dezembro 2, 2010@ 1:20 pm


grazie funziona tutto

dezembro 3, 2010@ 5:19 am


thank you so much, I can use may printer, best wishes.

dezembro 12, 2010@ 8:43 pm


Fantastic, my Samsung ML1610 lives to see another day. Thanks

dezembro 26, 2010@ 5:40 am


Sorry this is so long but this is what happened on my machine (iMac MAC OS/X 10.4.11 2.33GHz 4GB 667 MHz DDR2 SDRAM) to load the drivers for a Dell 1110. Maybe it will save some other poor soul some work.

When I downloaded and installed the drivers from the splix packages, they did not land in: HD/library/printers/PPDs/content/resources/en.oproj/
they landed in: /usr/share/cups/model/samsung and /usr/share/cups/model/dell

The choices were not coming up in the “Printer Setup” process and I tried all different ways. So I opened up a Terminal session and executed the following bash shell command to copy the files to what I thought was the right directory. I preserved the modification factors such as access time, file mode, etc.
cp -R -p /usr/share/cups/model/samsung /Library/printers/PPDs/
cp -R -p /usr/share/cups/model/dell /Library/printers/PPDs/

I tried this for splix 1 and 2 and went through the process again. It saw the drivers and the printer initialized but wouldn’t print.

Below are links to other downloads and info which confirmed the ML-2010 is equivalent to Dell 1100: The Samsung ML-2010 is a carbon copy of the Dell 1100 and has os x drivers on the samsung site.

System software: Mac OS X Jaguar (10.2.x), Mac OS X Panther (10.3.x), Mac OS X Tiger (10.4.x), Mac OS X Leopard (10.5) or later.
Additional software:
All Mac OS X users MUST install >>===>>> Foomatic-RIP

Download and install this: Samsung-GDI for Mac OS X
AND THIS: 1.1.1 Foomatic-RIP for Mac OS X 10.3.x (Panther) – Mac OS X 10.6.x (Snow Leopard)
AND THIS: 1.1.2 Ghostscript for Mac OS X 10.3.x (Panther) – Mac OS X 10.6.x (Snow Leopard)
1.1.3 Foomatic-RIP for Mac OS X 10.2.x (Jaguar)
1.1.4 Ghostscript for Mac OS X 10.2.x (Jaguar)
1.2 Package Description
1.3 Installation Notes
1.4 Printer Set Up Instructions
1.5 Printers
1.6 More Info

Then, go through the Printer Setup process again. My Dell 1100 did work.

From the same pages, here’s a list of the drivers in the package:
The Samsung-GDI installer for Mac OS X ncludes support for 26 printers.
Generic GDI Printer
Lexmark E210
Samsung ML-200
Samsung ML-210
Samsung ML-1000
Samsung ML-1010
Samsung ML-1020
Samsung ML-1200
Samsung ML-1210
Samsung ML-1220
Samsung ML-1410
Samsung ML-1430
Samsung ML-1440
Samsung ML-1510
Samsung ML-1520
Samsung ML-1610
Samsung ML-1710
Samsung ML-1740
Samsung ML-1750
Samsung ML-2010 The Samsung ML-2010 is a carbon copy of the Dell 1100 and has os x drivers on the samsung site.
Samsung ML-2150
Samsung ML-2250
Samsung ML-2550
Samsung ML-4500
Samsung ML-5080
Samsung ML-6040

Good Luck, Everybody!

janeiro 23, 2011@ 2:14 pm


Muchas gracias por el trabajo entregado a todos nosotros. Tengo una xerox 3116 con un macbook y funciona perfecto.
Gracias desde Chile

fevereiro 5, 2011@ 11:53 pm


Fantastic!!, I can print from my macbook with a samsung ML-1610 conected on windows server!! Muchas gracias desde México!!

fevereiro 16, 2011@ 11:31 am


thanx a lot! you saved my ml-1210! those were bad weeks running to copy shops to print the simplest letters.

fevereiro 17, 2011@ 2:27 pm


thank you very much. samsung ml 1610 was not working with my new mac os x 10.6.6!!! but it works now.

março 2, 2011@ 9:57 am


Xerox 3117 + Airport Extreme works like a charm. 1.1.1 is slightly better in this particular case, since 2.0 driver doesn’t always retrieve accurate document status. Not that being a big issue, anyway.

Thank you a lot!

março 14, 2011@ 4:59 pm


Great work!! Functions like a charm with 10.6.6 on a mpb 2,4 Ghz

março 23, 2011@ 5:47 am


Thank you!

I can now print to my networked ML-1610 from the Mac and iPad (using AirPrint Activator). One install and it just works. Great job!

março 25, 2011@ 2:48 pm


Thank you, thank you, thank you!

No longer do I have to listen to my Linux loving wife mocking mac Mac for not being able to run my ML-1610!

Works like a charm for me with my Snow leopard 10.6.6.

março 26, 2011@ 10:43 am


This driver works on Snow Leopard (OSX 10.6.7), but not always. I had problems using this driver when printing some PDF forms. They would print with random small vertical lines scattered on the page. (Try the IRS Form 4506T for a commonly available example).

I went back to the Samsung driver from their Australia site, and problem solved. (I used version 0.97 from Dec 2008).


março 31, 2011@ 5:53 pm


Perfect!!! Many thanks from me and my Xerox 3122!!!

abril 1, 2011@ 4:02 pm


Thank you.I can use with my printer dell 1110.It´s works perfectly.

Muchas gracias y excelente trabajo.

abril 21, 2011@ 8:37 pm


Excellent!, Thank you to save my printer.

abril 25, 2011@ 12:56 am


thank you for your work.

however the double-sided feature isn’t working for my ML-2510.

abril 26, 2011@ 10:35 pm


Thank you so much! My Samsung ML-1740 would not work with Snow Leopard. After two hours of trying to work with the poor information provided by Samsung, I found a link to your site on macrumors forum. Your software worked perfectly and instantly! I am very VERY grateful.

maio 4, 2011@ 1:27 am

Chris Ward

Tried this with Lion/OSX and get the error message: “SpliX Cannot get input slot information.”

Any idea how to fix this? Thanks~!

julho 27, 2011@ 5:37 pm

Chris Ward

A complete removal of all drivers, re-start and then re-install using the SpliX drivers did the trick. Thanks!

julho 28, 2011@ 4:59 am


I tired v1.1.1 and it works fine.
Thank you for the excellent effort :-)

dezembro 28, 2012@ 3:42 pm


Muchisimas gracias, me ayudaron pues yo crei que nunca iba a poder imprimir a mi SAMSUNG PRINTER DESDE MAC!! UN FUERTE ABRAZO DESDE MEXICO

janeiro 1, 2013@ 10:25 pm


Worked a treat! Thanks!

janeiro 4, 2013@ 11:43 am

Meriblog: Meri Williams' Weblog » Getting Samsung Printer Working on Mac OS X

[...] disappointed to see that there weren’t modern drivers for Mac OS X for it, until I discovered SpliX. Lovely set of CUPS drivers, restoring my ML-1510 to full usefulness in a matter of [...]

janeiro 7, 2013@ 5:31 am


Thanks, you have came to my rescue.

janeiro 11, 2013@ 9:59 am

Aaron S.

Amazing! Works perfectly for me, with Mountain Lion. I have used this for several computers, all with great results. Your efforts are deeply appreciated.

janeiro 11, 2013@ 4:23 pm

Frank Formby

Thank you.

My Mac guy said it wasn’t worth searching for a new driver now that I have upgraded to a new MacBook Pro 2.5GHz Intel i5 running OS10.8.2. He said I should throw old printer out, which has been working fine for years, and buy a new one.

Thanks to finding this site I had it up and working with Splix 2.0.0 in 5 minutes.

So it has been tested with the latest OS!

I have a Samsung ML – 1740

janeiro 12, 2013@ 5:30 pm

Mac OSX Lion Upgrade | WiredAtom

[...] broke was the driver for my old black & white Samsung ML-1710. I ended up having to install Splix-2.0.0 which worked decently… Well, it prints — and that’s really all I care [...]

janeiro 13, 2013@ 8:52 pm




janeiro 18, 2013@ 8:01 pm


YOU ARE THE MAN! THANK YOU for providing this great software – works on OS /X 10.8.2 with Samsung ML-1710

fevereiro 6, 2013@ 2:44 am


good work guy, now samsung ML-1610 work fine on my Lion Mountain

fevereiro 6, 2013@ 7:29 pm


Thank you very much. Works great with my perfectr ML 1740. You saved a great printer from poor manufacturer support by Samsung and Apple. Many thanks, again.

fevereiro 9, 2013@ 1:35 pm


Thanks a lot!!! Mac OS X 10.8.2 Works!!!!

fevereiro 11, 2013@ 9:15 am


Thank you very much!! This got my Mac 10.8.2 to work with a Samsung ML-1610.

fevereiro 12, 2013@ 7:42 pm


Worked seamlessly with ML1610 printer on a 10.8.2 Mac. Thanks!

fevereiro 18, 2013@ 12:44 pm

Anders Ehrnberg

Thank you Guigo and thanks to mellbratt at superuser who provided the link. On Mountain My Lion my Samsung ml-1510 came alive at first try.
Anders Eg

março 5, 2013@ 3:00 pm



março 20, 2013@ 11:47 pm


Thanks for this driver!!! My Samsung ML 1710 now works again under OS 10.7 since Samsung refuses to made a driver for us Mac users.

When I go to print, it will print the first time but the second time I go to print, often it doesn’t, especially printing from Apple’s “Preview” software.

In that way the software is kind of “squirrelly” but usually if I turn the printer off and back on before each printing that helps a lot.

Also, when printing and the printer’s icon appears in the “dock,” I click on it to watch what happens. I get a message saying, “SpliX Cannot get input slot information.”

If the software says “Error” then hitting the “Resume” icon in the top often will let it print. If the print job disappears from the job list of the software, then try printing it again a second or a third time.

If that doesn’t help, then turn the printer off and back on before printing. That seems to aways work for me!

Thanks a ton Guigo!!! I can now use the printer and not let sit there and be a 7 pound “paper weight!”

And when I see people at the computer store looking at printers, I tell them my experience with Samsung not keeping drivers up to date with newer operating systems. They thank me for the info and they won’t buy the Samsung printers!!! WAKE UP SAMSUNG PEOPLE!!!

junho 3, 2013@ 7:16 pm

Alexander Paul Burton

Thank you ever so much for this. Worked for a CLP 320W and mac OS X 10.7.5, the official Samsung drivers would not work for some reason!

Thanks again

junho 4, 2013@ 5:38 am


thank very mach ! OS X 10.8.3 Perfect run!
I was in China, I am Chinese.Thank you for helping me solve a problem long plagued!

junho 5, 2013@ 11:46 am


Thanks a lot! This driver still works on Mac OS X 10.8 with the samsung ML-1710.

junho 6, 2013@ 7:38 am


Thanks a lot!

But I have one problem when printing a PDF containing a scanned text. In that case the print-out is quit poor and unsharp.

Is there a solution to get a better print-out?

junho 15, 2013@ 3:05 am


Forgot to mention: it’s a Samsung ML-2250 with MacOs 10.8.4. Mountain Lion.

junho 15, 2013@ 3:07 am


I got a successful message for downloading. But I do not know how to start it. By the way, I use Mac Mini and Samsung 2150. Can anyone help?



junho 17, 2013@ 4:13 pm


Thanks a lot! Now I cab use my ML2250 with 10.8 again. But there is a little incovenient: the outprint of pdf is not so sharp as donne with the gdi driver.

But I prefer using the splix 2.0 because of the paper feed.

So does some know how to get a better qualitiy whe printing a pdf?

junho 18, 2013@ 9:33 am

Catherine Walker

Many thanks Guigo. Samsung should be pleased that their ML 1510s are still going strong. Bought it for a Clamshell, now my new iMac can still drive it. Obrigado de novo.

junho 19, 2013@ 4:02 pm



thanks for this – my old Samsung ML-1520 works well with Mountain Lion!

one thing: the US-Letter layout somehow seems to be “baked in” – my documents will only be printed with the right margins if I choose “US-Letter”. With (German) A4 it will cut off some lines on the top.

Anyways, keep up the great work.

junho 25, 2013@ 11:02 am


hi guigo,

i’m desparately trying to get my ml-1610 running under iOs 10.8.3, but the system refuses to install your package since it isn’t provided by a certified developer. do you see any alternatives, possibly? I’d be grateful for any news.

kindest regards from germany _ lyam

junho 26, 2013@ 7:14 pm

Fotógrafo de Casamentos

Thanks Thanks Thanks!!!

julho 1, 2013@ 3:32 pm

Jose Garza

I had been looking for months for iMax drivers for the Samsung ML1740. I have browsed so many site that I don’t know how I got to you, but thank God I did.

julho 9, 2013@ 3:57 pm


Thanks a lot, Its working fine with ML-1610 on Mac.

julho 24, 2013@ 1:00 pm


thanks dostum.

agosto 2, 2013@ 10:11 am


My ML1610 works Great with SpliX 2.0 on Mountain Lion 10.8.4 .

agosto 5, 2013@ 7:27 am


Thank you, all works. Mac OS X 10.8.4, Splix-2.0.0

agosto 7, 2013@ 1:42 am

Christian K

Excellent work, thank you for very much! My old ML-1710 now works in OS X 10.8.3. Saved me, and Mother Earth, a new printer.

agosto 8, 2013@ 3:47 am


works awesome with os x 10.8.4, thanks a lot :)

agosto 24, 2013@ 6:59 pm

Peter Belitz

After implementation of Lion (10.8 on iMac 8.1) my CLP 510 doesn’t work anymore. I have deinstalled the printer (as recommended by Samsung) and I have downloaded the driver. Than I failed with the installation of the printer. A message “SPL installer (the installation program of the printer) is not supported anymore”.
Samsung’s support said: Only for 10.6 drivers are available. It’s not possible to create a driver for 10.8. I have to by a new printer or to change to OSX 10.6! Totally dorky.

As I understand the information in Splix I have to reinstall. Done already. Not the driver is the problem but (due to this hint to Power PC) a running installation CD is the problem!

Is there anyone with a solution or must i buy a new printer (not Samsung)?

agosto 25, 2013@ 6:10 am


I was ready to chuck out my ML-1510 – drivers work perfectly, thank you so much!

agosto 26, 2013@ 10:18 am


Thanks a lot!!!!

setembro 1, 2013@ 2:57 pm


Amigo Guigo,
Esse driver é excelente. Salvou a minha impressora. Tou usando a ML-1610 e funciona muito bem.
Já agora, o 2.0 não está funcionando muito bem no 10.6 Lion, mas o 1.1.1 funciona lindamente.

Mais uma vez,obrigado!


setembro 2, 2013@ 6:19 am


mac os 10.7.5 printer samsung ml-1740

and work swift and perfect

setembro 7, 2013@ 11:39 pm


Thank you very much.

Great job.

works perfectly.

setembro 9, 2013@ 11:51 am


Awesome! Thanks!

setembro 18, 2013@ 2:56 pm

Wil Spar

this is so fine, it works on my Imac Lion 10.7.5, I justed printed with my Samsung ML 1510.

setembro 23, 2013@ 11:08 am


Amazing! Thank you very much, now it works perfectly with Lion

setembro 28, 2013@ 6:29 am

Como Instalar Impressora Samsung no Mac - Conte Aqui

[...] velho Google encontrei uma solução para instalar a impressora no Samsung ML-1610 no Mac, aliás o Splix permite instalar impressoras Samsung, Xerox e Dell que utilizam linguagem [...]

outubro 18, 2013@ 7:14 pm

Sean Mills

Thank you SO MUCH! I’ve been looking for a solution for more than a year, and I didn’t want to have to replace my reliable ML-1710 and add more technojunk to the planet. Great work!!


outubro 26, 2013@ 10:17 am

David Jarman

Splix has driven my iMac/Samsung ML-1740 for the past 4 years through all the OS updates. Now I have 10.9 mavericks & the Samsung is not connecting. Does any one have a solution? Thanks, David

outubro 27, 2013@ 6:47 pm


couldn’t find a driver to work with my recently upgraded mac (OSX 10.7) and thought would have to spend out more cash on a new laser printer…found your site via a Google search and now my Sansung ML-1510 is working!! Many, many thanks :)

novembro 7, 2013@ 8:37 am


Will you be working on a version for OS 10.9 (Maverick)? I just bought a Macbook Pro and would dearly love to keep using my old Samsung ML 1610.

novembro 10, 2013@ 2:11 pm


Thanks so much….my old Samsung ML-1510 came back to live immediately I installed SPLIX on my Mac Book Pro….

Bests & keep on keeping on….


novembro 12, 2013@ 6:10 am


Thanks. Old ML-1740 now works with older 32-bit Mac Mini 10.6.8.

novembro 16, 2013@ 10:08 pm


My ML-1630 stopped working as a shared network printer when I upgraded to Mavericks. Your driver solved the problem. Thank you!

novembro 17, 2013@ 3:52 am


It works perfect with a Samsung ML-1710 on 10.9.

Cheers from Spain,


novembro 25, 2013@ 8:55 am


Thanks! Splix 2.0 worked with my Samsung ML-1520 and OS X 10.9 Mavericks on Mac Mini

dezembro 10, 2013@ 3:52 pm

Annuska mak

Please develop a version voor ML1610 samsung printer, tomwork under. Maverick. It would help my a lot

dezembro 12, 2013@ 5:31 pm


I can’t open the file named Splix-2.0.0.mpkg, my OS say that it comes from a unknow developer. Any suggestion? I run OSX 10.9

dezembro 18, 2013@ 5:44 am

Rick D

Worked great, under Mavericks. Well Done. Thanks for the help!

dezembro 30, 2013@ 1:05 pm


got my Samsung ML-1410 (same as ML-1510) for 35 euros, included paper, color and delivery.
it worked fine the last several years until OS X 10.9.1 – Mavericks.
your driver works totally fine and i can print again. saved me a lot of money and stress.
thanks a lot.

Drucker – Treiber Sammlung für Mac OS X 10.9.1 – Mavericks.
Funktioniert einwandfrei ! Samsung ML 1410 / 1510

janeiro 5, 2014@ 3:17 pm


Thank you so much!!!

janeiro 6, 2014@ 5:33 am


SpliX 2.0.0 isn’t working properly on Mac OS X 10.8.5 (12F45) with my Samsung ML-1740. Sometimes it prints, sometimes it doesn’t. I tried removing and reinstalling it, even reinstalling SpliX 1.0.0. Still the same problem. Prints the first job, then… anything goes.

janeiro 23, 2014@ 11:45 pm

Vincenzo Persico

Thank you, Guigo!
My Samsung ML 1510 is now working with OS X Mavericks!

janeiro 24, 2014@ 10:39 am


Guido, we Dutch are known as frugal.
Never waste a good thing!

Thanks for helping me out with Samsung ML 1610 on Mac OS 10.7.5
The old “thing works” again!

Pieter / Holland

janeiro 24, 2014@ 7:35 pm


OS X 10.8.4
Samsung ML-1510

janeiro 26, 2014@ 4:13 pm


Thank you so much, you’re just great!

janeiro 29, 2014@ 8:18 pm


Thank you! Now my Samsung ML 1710 works perfectly on Mac 10.9 Mavericks.
Just a small tip for other users: the .mpkg won’t open by double-clicking on it; press the Control key and choose “Open” from the menu instead.

janeiro 29, 2014@ 8:24 pm


Wow! It worked!
I’ve tried a dozen of different drivers and none of them could make my macbook to understand how to print on my Xerox Phaser 3117.
God bless you!

fevereiro 5, 2014@ 4:47 am


Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

fevereiro 9, 2014@ 5:47 pm

John Harper

Merci! Gracias! Danke Schoen Fist Bump!

Had an old Dell 1110 and was ready to e-waste it. You saved me!

fevereiro 22, 2014@ 12:19 am


Thanks, Guigo. works with OS X Mavericks (10.9.1)

fevereiro 24, 2014@ 2:54 pm


Thank you so much. It’s wonderful !
Splix 2.0.0 works on my mac OS 10.9.2 (Mavericks) for my printer Samsung ML-1710

março 2, 2014@ 5:32 pm


Thanks. On Maverick v1 works fine but only with one copy print. When printing multiple copies printer doesn’t stop.

março 6, 2014@ 4:37 pm


Thank you very much for this utility. It allowed my Samsung CLP-510 to work just fine with OS X 10.9 Mavericks.

março 9, 2014@ 2:47 am


tks a lot!!! really appreciated!!! just now made it work on mavericks!!!

março 24, 2014@ 8:36 pm


Thank you so much for this program – just think how much junk you have kept out of landfills!

abril 9, 2014@ 10:30 am


Thanks a lot, I can finally print in OSX Mavericks with my old Samsung ML-1510 again…

abril 12, 2014@ 5:05 pm


this broke for me, but through a series of events, I was able to find a workaround for the “SpliX Cannot get input slot information.”

1-Install Splix 2.0
2-If you go to /usr/libexec/cups/filter/ and look for “rastertoqpdl” if it is there, type in what is inside of quotes on line 3- after appropriate SUDO stuff
3-”ln -s gstoraster pstoraster”

This made my xerox 6100 printer work I am guessing it will fix others also.

abril 16, 2014@ 3:45 pm


Thank you very much for this valuable piece of software! It served me well under OSX 10.09 and 10.10 but unfortunately was not installing on the latest OSX. Still, I wanted to share how I managed to find a solution since so many of us having old printers might find the following information useful.

Good news: I was able to print again on a Samsung ML-1710 after upgrading to OSX 10.11 (El Captain). Here is how I did it and it might just work for other types of printers, I cannot tell but here goes:

1- Download Split 2.0.0 source code from http://splix.ap2c.org (splix-2.0.0.tar.bz2)
2- Unzip it to a temporary folder that you are to delete once done
3- Plug in your printer (in my case, the Samsung ML-1710)
4- Open System Preferences > Printers and Add your printer
5- Expand the “Print Using” field and then within the opened menu, select Other and it will open a ‘file selection’ dialog.
6- In the temporary folder where you unzipped Split 2.0.0, browse inside the /ppd folder and find your printer model (example, it was the ml1710.ppd for me)
7- Click Open and then if it worked like for me, the “Print Using” field should now be populated with something similar to “(Printer Name), SpliX V. 2.0.0″
8- Click Add
9- Try to print a page

Hope it will help others : )

outubro 7, 2015@ 12:27 am

Vincenzo Persico

Thank you again, Guigo!
I’ve installed (again) OS X Mavericks, and my Samsung ML 1510 is still working!

abril 22, 2016@ 4:29 pm
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